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SEO Services for your website

Search Engine Optimization for your Business.

We provide more than just web design. We believe in an all encompassing approach to your business. We realize that it takes more than just a spiffy website to attract customers and keep them. We can customize an overall, coherent Web, advertising, Social Media, and other media package that pulls from the many and varied opportunities out there for the small business entrepreneur.

We use only "White Hat" or Google® approved techniques to help move your site through the ranks in an organic, legal and ethical way. So you can rest easy knowing your site will not be flagged, demoted, black listed or scrutinized due to unscrupulous website SEO  techniques.

SEO Services included on your New Website from Digital Cherries Studio in Seattle

We optimize your website from the very beginning, Keywords, Meta, Alt, URL, Component Titles, Title Pages, Image tags and descriptions, Header, Content and Context optimization are all included. We go to great lengths to insure that you are getting not only the most hits, but the most relevant hits to your site from the search engines all over the web.

We constantly update your major site maps once a week for the life of your site with us. This is key to keeping your website fresh in the minds of the Search Engines. Each time you update your sitemap the search engine is forced to "refresh" your website. Directory submissions and location submissions are all included in your web design SEO package from Digital Cherries Studio in Seattle.

Need to Optimize your Current Website? We can help.

Let us help optimize your current website with 100% white hat (that means no sneaky tricks) and organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

We use all approved SEO techniques pulling your web site optimization together with Twitter®, Facebook®, Linkedin®, Pinterest®, YouTube®, AdWords®, AdSense®, Ad Campaigns, Print and Web Creative, Classified Ad Services, Wordpress®, Blog, and other services available.

We can customize an SEO package to fit your needs and budget.

Need someone to Create, Update and Maintain all of this SEO stuff?

Want someone to create and maintain your Facebook® presence? We do that.

Want someone to continuously update and submit tweets for your Twitter® account? We can.

Want someone to Blog for you? We have brains ready to research and fingers ready to type.

Want someone to submit ads for you to various classified ad websites? Gotcha covered.


Take your business to the next level with an optimized website!

What ever you need we are here to help take your company web presence to the next level. Our modular approach to web design and SEO optimization is especially designed for small to medium businesses that truly want to take their business project to the next level.

We can create a custom Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package to fit every need and budget. From the simplest SEO to the most advanced, we can custom tailor your SEO needs to your SEO budget.

Contact Digital Cherries Studio in Seattle today and get your business in front of the world on the Information Super Highway!

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